Technical assistance

for Shavers, Clipper Hair Trimmers and Finishing Trimmers.

Dear Customer,

To ensure an optimal user experience, we provide a list of authorized service centers for each brand.

If the product has a defect within 8 days of receiving it:

Please send us more details of the event within 8 days of receiving the product by attaching to the contact email on the site: 4 detailed photographs or videos of the defective product .

If the products do not conform in quality or quantity to the description given in the order confirmation, we will collect the products at our expense. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR PRODUCTS RETAINED BY THE CUSTOMER.

After the eighth day of receiving the product:

If more than 8 days have passed since delivery you will have the right to technical assistance in the period defined by the brand .

In case you need technical assistance, we inform you that the correct procedure is to contact the authorized one directly. To ensure an optimal assistance experience , we provide a detailed list of authorized assistance centers for each brand.

Authorized Assistance Centers:

Wahl and Moser

RADE by Roberto Poluzzi
Via Alberto Calda, 10
WhatsApp: 335350865
Tel.: 0516151445

Via Candia, 147
00192 ROME
Tel.: 06 39720804

Via S. Anna Lombardi, 42
80134 NAPLES
Tel.: 081 5513368

Gamma+ and Stylecraft

    Via Candia, 147
    00192 ROME
    Tel.: 06 39720804


    Vanta Solingen Di Volpi Mattia e C. SAS
    Via Borgazzi, 87/a
    20052 MONZA (MI)

JRL and Andis

Contact our customer support directly in the " contact " form on the site.

Procedure for technical assistance :

  • Reference Times: After 8 days from delivery of the product, in the event of a defect, the customer is invited to contact the brand's authorized assistance center found in the list above.
  • Purchase Document: To facilitate the assistance process, it is essential to have the purchase document available, delivered together with the product.
  • Direct contact with the Service Center: Please directly contact the authorized service center of the brand related to your product (with the exception of JRL and Andis). You will find the contact details above.

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to provide all necessary information about the defect encountered during the call or in your email to the support center.
  • The highly qualified staff of the authorized service centers will be happy to assist you in solving any problems encountered with your product.

For further information or clarifications, we are at your disposal via email or in the " contact us " form.

Thank you for trusting and purchasing our products.

Barber First